I am a Blooming Soul 


My thoughts sound better written, and that lead me to create a platform where I can write my way to your soul.


My name is Yomairi S Adrian, a Latina currently living her 20’s in the Bronx, NY. I had an awakening this year and saw the life of my dreams at my reach. I have been getting to know myself on a deeper level and would love to share with you the journey. 


I started a Brand- BLOOMING SOUL 

Its purpose is to shine a light on the possibility of you BLOOMING into your full potential. A space to share love and encouragement to get you going!  


I have one vision for my life

“To travel the world transforming lives and writing about all of my experiences.”


Nothing fuels my heart like getting on a plane to explore a new place, so I know the mark I leave behind will be global. I love reading self-help books, I meditate and practice yoga but my favorite thing is to eat. I wish that through my writing I can provide a positive influence and encourage everyone to work on themselves, to work towards their dreams, and to treat others with the love and support we wish to be treated with.


If you grasp only one thing from this website let it be this:

Life is about change & Blooming is essential.