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Harvesting Blooms 2024  

Ready to disconnect from the outer world & focus on Blooming ?

This is an invitation to the woman ready to connect with her inner guide. This retreat is carefully created to give you the time, space and tools to create a transformation in your life. 


This is for you if

- You need uninterrupted time to pour into you 

- You have been feeling lost & like it's time to re-invent yourself 

- You want to spend time in nature & learn about the elements & herbal medicine 

- You are looking for an environment of like minded women investing in their growth & self care 

- You want hands on activities of tools you can take home with you

September 20-22 2024

@ The Harmony Mountain House in  New Jersey  

We provide transportation If needed 

Intention & Invitation 

- Learn about and make herbal medicine for the Fall Season 

- Learn & practice seasonal and elemental rituals 

- Create ritual tools to take home & integrate your transformation 



- Intention Setting Circle 

- Yoga 

- Sound bath 

- Cacao Circle 

- Meditation 

- Fire Ceremony 

- Burn Wand Making (Similar to sage) 

- Flower Bouquet Making 

- Nature Walk 

- Herbal Tea Making Workshop 

- Journaling Sessions 

- Summer Farewell Picnic 

House Accomodations & Ammeneties 


- All beds have a tempurpedic mattress 

- Infrared sauna 

- Hot tub with jets

- Meditation Room with tarot / oracle decks 

- Community room with tv & Library 

- Bathtubs + bath tea, salts & ambiance 

- Outdoor deck 

- Outdoor hammock 

- Outdoor fire pit
- 1/2 mile on-site wooded trail

- Yoga sun room 

Harvesting Blooms 2023 Recap

Yomairi Adrian 

Holistic Spiritual Guide :
Supporting you in prioritizing the relationship with yourself. 

Herbal Apprenticeship Student :
Sharing the importance of building relationship with the medicine of the earth. 

Mental Health Advocate:
Inviting you to create stillness to connect mind, body & soul connection. 

Blooming Soul is here to support you in creating a sacred life where you awaken and nurture your soul. We offer a variety of services and products to support your journey, including workshops, meditation ceremonies, and healing products. I started Blooming Soul in 2018 because i recognized how important it was to have outlets for creativity, community, and sacredness. We are a safe place to explore your spiritual path and cultivate inner alignment. Join us and let's Bloom together.


"I started Blooming soul in 2018, in hopes to pull myself out of a depression. In the journey of pulling myself out, i learned i was simply one example of what so many people where going through and the transformation they were craving for themselves."

Your Host

Weekend Themes

Creating tools for your rituals 

Working With The Elements 


Learning about herbal medicine



Medicine Making 
Cacao Ceremony
Yoga & Meditation 

About The
Harmony Mountain

I have personally visited the Harmony Mountain House as a guest for 2 retreats have collaborated with them to host a retreat for a non profit and had my first retreat for Blooming Soul. There are so many things I love about this space but one of my favorites is how delicious, colorful and notorious the meals are. Everything is plant based, aesthetically pleasing, seasoned to perfection ( and that's coming from a Dominican lol) and they used fresh local ingredients as much as possible. The Harmony Mountain house is a heart centered space, with two incredible women at the forefront. Please feel free to check them out and learn more about their mission and gift to the world. 

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