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Mother Nature
is calling you home 

Harvesting  Blooms 

An invitation to celebrate that you are nature, to bask in being cared for , while you craft your mind, body & soul medicine.

September 21-24th 2023

Harmony Mountain NJ 

'Look Into Nature and you will understand everything better'

Albert Einstein

 "Nature Spirits are the children of Mother Earth. They are as diverse as nature herself. Nature Spirits form part of the angelic orders. Although they make Earth their home, they can work throughout the different dimensions."

"The practice of going out into the natural world and bonding deeply with the healing power of the wild is the most ancient, primordial path of emotional and spiritual cultivation we know."

"The balance and peace we seek for ourselves and our society won't be achieved through mental effort alone. Mind and spirit are meant to travel together, with spirit leading the way. Until we make a conscious commitment to understand and embrace our spiritual nature, we will endure the ache of living without the awareness and guidance of the most essential part of ourselves."

Susan L. Taylor


The 5W's and 1 H 

WHO  is this for ?

For 8-10 women who understand that nature is a reflection of us, and are ready to work with the gifts of the earth to care for their mind, body & soul. 

WHEN will this be happening?

September 21-24th 2023

We will have a farewell to the playful summer energy by tapping into our feminine energy.


Welcoming Fall Equinox gives us the opportunity to celebrate the growth of the seeds we planted during the Spring Season.

The fall is also the season where we break free of what is no longer serving us before the winter arrives. 

WHAT will we be doing?

Immersing into the elements of nature through workshops & rituals. 

Creating a medicine tool box for the fall season to take home.

WHY should you join us?

You deserve to 

Reflect - Reset - ReBloom 

Let us cater to you while you focus on nourishment. 

Your spiritual development requires commitment. This is an opportunity to fully focus on your practices and soul care. 

WHERE is this happening ? 

Harmony Mountain House Retreat Center 

This center was the space where Mairi found her JOY after months of being physically ill and battling a depression episode. This center provided Sanctuary for her on a personal level, and magically enough also  supports retreat holders bring their visions to life.  

HOW to create alignment?

At The time of signing up you will receive an Ebook on how to tap into your Spring Rebirth. 


 You will receive a monthly Bloom email with tools, encouragement & an oracle message on how to stay connected to your goals and the medicine of the earth. 

A month before the retreat we will have a virtual ceremony to get to know each other & set our intentions for the retreat.. 

Take a look inside the Harmony Mountain House 

Mairi Blooms 

Holistic Spiritual Coach :
Supporting you in prioritizing the relationship with yourself. 

Herbal Apprenticeship Student :
Sharing the importance of building relationship with the medicine of the earth. 

Mental Health Advocate:
Inviting you to create stillness to connect mind, body & soul connection. 

"I started Blooming soul in 2018, in hopes to pull myself out of a depression. In the journey of pulling myself out, i learned i was simply one example of what so many people where going through and the transformation they were craving for themselves."

Blooming Soul is here to support you in creating a sacred life where you awaken and nurture your soul. We offer a variety of services and products to support your journey, including workshops, meditation ceremonies, and healing products. I started Blooming Soul in 2018 because i recognized how important it was to have outlets for creativity, community, and sacredness. We are a safe place to explore your spiritual path and cultivate inner alignment. Join us and let's Bloom together.






Farewell Summer
Fairy Garden Picnic


Sacred Fire Ceremony


Flow Journaling


Breathing For Power


Medicine Making 
Cacao Ceremony
Private Self Care

What does the retreat include?


- Each guest will be given the opportunity to schedule a personal self care session. This could happen during the retreat or after in The Bloom Room Bronx NY location


Choose from: Bloom Coaching session, Massage, Yoni steaming ceremony, Reiki session.

- Grounding , connection & intention circle 

- Daily plant based meals , snacks & supplements 

- Unlimited access to coffee, tea & elixir bar and abundant snack selection

-  Movement practices 

-  Meditation practices

- Daily mindfulness activities to choose from 

- Daily workshop / rituals

- Daily free time for self care, rest & exploration


- Transportation to and from the retreat if needed. Meet up location at The Bloom Room Bronx NY. Estimated meet time between 10am-12pm. 

House Accomodations & Ammeneties 


- Infrared sauna with chromatherapy

- Hot tub with jets

- Meditation Room with tarot / oracle decks 

- Community room with tv & Library 

- Bathtubs + bath tea, salts & ambiance 

- Outdoor deck 

- Outdoor hammock 

- Outdoor fire pit
- 1/2 mile on-site wooded trail

- All beds have a tempurpedic mattress 

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