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Updated: Aug 25, 2018

“I am a small business owner, and I graduated college. I hope to inspire other young mothers and women because anything is possible. I want to encourage other young women to go out there and work for what they want. Nothing in life is handed to us, and it is so inspiring to see such young successful women within our communities! I want to be an inspiration not only for young girls, mothers, and women but mostly my son. I want him to be proud of the woman I am becoming. I want him to know that I do it all for him and his future.” - Carla j Glam A mother, daughter, sister, college graduate and a business owner all at 23 years young. Carla Jacobo is of Dominican background, and graduated from John Jay College with a bachelor degree in English. She recently had her first child, Logan has been nothing but inspiration to keep pursuing her dreams and expanding her business. Carla J Glam consists of three branches as of now, makeup services, 1 on 1 makeup lessons and a variety of reusable lashes for sale.

Being a mother is a full-time job, one that requires you to put it above any other responsibility. Becoming a mother has been the hardest yet most rewarding challenge in Carla’s life. For the first couple of months, sleep became a luxury as she had to wake up every couple of hours to feed Logan. However, building a connection with him and seeing how he changes and grows makes all the sacrifices worth it. As far as running her business, Carla has learned to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Newborns require a lot of attention whether it be changing diapers, feeding, taking him a bath or even just holding him and giving him love. Therefore the best advice for mompreneurs is to take advantage of the time their calm because it will not last long. Despite all the difficulties of being a mother, Logan has pushed Carla to keep building her own business so that she can have control of spending more time with him. Support from those around you is important, but the support you give yourself is the real necessity. Carla believed in herself which is what allowed her to follow this dream, she is also very thankful to her family and group of best friends who have provided their undivided support throughout the journey. From allowing her to practice makeup looks on them, encouraging her to keep working on her craft, these individuals have helped her keep going.

At 20 years old Carla sparked an interest in taking makeup seriously. Beauty videos on YouTube taught her enough to push and pursue a business out of it. She started by practicing on herself and later on family and friends. Her first client was in December 2015, it was someone who emailed her in regards to getting her makeup done for graduation photos. Carla admits that at the beginning it was a bit nerve wrecking, she feared clients not being satisfied. As time passed and she kept working on her craft she became very open with her clients and would ask them to speak the truth with no shame, so that if they were unhappy with something it could be changed to their expectations before they left.Carla’s goal with Instagram is to show how relatable she is, her post range from family, to makeup and lifestyle pictures. She admits how it can be difficult to cater to different audiences and keep them all entertained. But her main goal is to empower others especially young women into realizing they can do it too.

Selling lashes was always on the goal list, it was a matter of waiting for the right moment to launch this line. Although Carla does not make the designs herself she works with someone who helps create her vision for each style. She bases the new styles on feedback from customers and IG followers. The poll feature on IG story is something she constantly uses to get people’s opinions. Makeup lessons, on the other hand, were brought to life because customers were persistently requesting them. Carla J glam will continue to grow, stay on the lookout because soon products other than lashes will be added for purchase. IG - Carlajglam

Carla's Tips To Grow Your Instagram

- Stick to a theme

- Use Hashtags

- Engage with your followers

- Only post good quality photos

- Post 1/day at least 4x/week


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