Higher Dinning

Although everyone does not have the same opinion on it, we can all agree that marijuana has become very trendy. Sister’s Shanelly and Roshelly Peña have built not only a business but a community with Always Feasting. A community where people can heal through different elements, marijuana, and food being examples. As kids, they both loved the kitchen, from watching cooking shows to creating recipes together, but they never thought they would end up in a business where they were both chefs. In college, Shanelly studied politics while Roshelly studied biology. Roshelly was unhappy in school, therefore her sister pushed her to pursue something in the kitchen. Later seeing Shanelly follow the dream herself by attending culinary school, left Roshelly no doubt that this was where happiness was for her as well. As far as marijuana, both sisters consume it for different reasons. Roshelly uses it is more regularly, Shanelly uses it as self-medication. So it is very important to them that the quality of the marijuana consumed at these events is very good. Many Dominican parents find marijuana to be a gateway drug, the girls try to explain to their mom it is not. And although she does not approve of the use she is very supportive of the business. Mom helps prepare the food and even taste it, although she denies it the girls believe she experiences some sort of high. Keep an eye out because soon Shanelly will be launching her second business, a coffee shop in the Bronx with her mom as her business partner. Eventually we hope that Roshelly joins her family in this venture.

Always Feasting launched the first Higher Dining event July 4th weekend of 2017 in their mom’s backyard. This dinner party consisted of cannabis-infused dishes and complementary pre-rolled joints. Since then, a number of events have occurred, feasting district which took place in Washington DC, a second Higher Dining and several catered events. The newest addition to the Always Feasting family has been a Higher Yoga event, where ladies participate in a group cyph followed by a meditation and yoga class, a lovely infused brunch and an uplifting group conversation. The sister’s shared with me that they are currently planning a New Year Hangover event for January 1st so make sure to stay in touch for updates. As Roshelly say’s “This is the upcoming culture of dinning”, you don’t want to miss it.


One thing to learn from these ladies is that doing is more important than saying. This business was crafted and launched in only about a month. Plan out your ideas and execute, Shanelly says she does not like to explain or wait for things she much rather shows you results so that you can understand her. Roshelly likes to take time to plan things if possible but tells us “pressure can bring out the best in you”. IG - _alwaysfeasting www.shanellystaste.com


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