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Updated: Aug 25, 2018

It’s about more than having a six pack, or having a toned butt. When you dedicate yourself to the gym, you care about your health altogether. Yes, abs and a toned booty are nice to have, but that alone shouldn’t be your only motivation. When you work out at His and Hers Boot Camp, it’s not only about your goal but about your overall health. Thirteen years ago, Brandon Najee Matthews began to play high school football. In order to stay in shape, he started going to the gym and running track. His father, a personal trainer for fifteen years now, has been a great part of all of Mathews’ successes regarding fitness.

It all began with Matthews being the lab rat for his father and a group of ten other trainers at a New York Sports Club. He then attended Buffalo State College where he unexpectedly made a business out of fitness. Although Matthews was not playing football his first semester in school, he was already accustomed to spending a lot of time at the gym. A group of three girls approached him after noticing his consistency, and asked if they could work out with him. Without any interest of actually teaching the girls anything, he allowed them to join his workouts. The amount of people that became interested in joining Matthews throughout his workout sessions continued to increase. He then began to charge each person $5 a week. Before he knew it, he was receiving $100 a week, which as we know is a lot of money to college students.

In 2013, after his time in Buffalo, Matthews started to train for semi-pro football, which helped keep him consistent at the gym. However, football came to an end. Matthews was very proud of how far he had come and accepted that it was time to close that chapter in his life and begin building a new one. Tatiana, a friend at the time, pushed Matthews to start branding himself and his fitness journey. Although he was not very focused on doing so, he began to show the world his progress through social media. Around this time at a party, Matthews was introduced to his first official client, Virginia. She was a grown woman seeking a fitness trainer rather than simply joining his workouts. Matthews began training Virginia at Planet Fitness and on occasions, they would part-take in outside workouts at Riverbank Park in Harlem. Shortly after, he was introduced to his next client at another party. These two ladies became the driving force that influenced Matthews to become an entrepreneur, offering personal training services to the public. Through the power of referrals and personal results, they drove his business upwards with new incoming clients.

As his business grew, he realized that he had enough clientele to do this on his own. He no longer wanted to bring clients into Planet Fitness, but provide them with a grander experience. Opening up his own studio was going to take a combination of many things. What was most important was the simple fact that he enjoyed this. Matthews enjoyed training people, he enjoyed seeing the change in their attitudes as they began to see their results. When you do something that you love and enjoy, it no longer feels like work. For him, it became a lifestyle. He had built up his clientele and realized that with the help of his father, he had the resources to make this idea a reality.

One morning in 2016, at 5 am, a man he was training in Planet Fitness pointed out an empty studio space across the street. “Do you think you can do this?” Matthews’ dad asked. With no hesitation from Matthews, March of 2016 was the beginning of His and Hers Fitness Center. The name does not come from couple’s working out, as many might assume. The theory behind it comes from the idea that a lot of women shy away from lifting weights due to the fear of looking too masculine as a result while many men say that they don’t like to stretch in fear of injuring their masculinity. Ultimately, we all have a body to take care of. There is no reason a woman can’t be strong and a man can’t be flexible. His and Hers means that we are all one and that she can do what he can and vice versa. We can all workout together. In theory, we all have something to learn from one another. That is was His and Hers camp aspires to do with every single fitness session.

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