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Home Collection Candles

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Think of our daily actions as the seeds we plant in our lives, with them lies the opportunity to have a Blooming-full garden. Now it is up to you to plant seeds that will manifest into a garden and with the home collection we invite you to do just that. The collection is made up of 7 scents with unique stories. Each candle is named after a “seed” you can “plant” in your home and is paired with an affirmation for you to nurture the growth of this seed. Each purchase will also come with an affirmation activity card. On one side will be the affirmation that is also displayed in your candle and on the other side is an activity to get you started in manifesting the seed this Blooming candle represents. Each candle name, label color, quote & scent is carefully paired to provide a full Blooming experience. Read each candle’s description in the shop to get to know them individually.

This is the perfect candle to gift yourself or someone you love. Use the candle intentionally. Every time you light it, read out loud its affirmation. Check your card and ask yourself if you're aligning with what you're planting in your life.

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