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It is amazing to be able to work doing what you love, but being able to do so with who you love puts the cherry on top. Gabriela Lunna/ Lunna Style is a brand fabricated by the hard work of a mother and daughter. Ana Mercado 60 years old and Gabriela Luna 25 have been working their butts off for over four years, creating seductive, daring and elegant custom designs for women all over Instagram. Imagine growing up in a home filled with fabric, designs being created, and a mom who knew how to make it all. Both Ana and Gabriela grew up in this kind of environment and the talent has been passed down from previous generations. Gabriela attended a fashion high school without any assurance that this was the field she would follow. On the other hand, all Ana ever knew was being a seamstress. Gabriela spent her years in high school finding inspiration in magazines, websites like Nasty Gal, and recreating looks with the help of her mom. It became a ritual for people to stop and ask where did she get her clothes from, whether in school or in any event she attended. One night Gabriela went home overfilled with joy that she had been complimented more than ever before and with a request to purchase the piece she had on. She woke Ana up to tell her all about it and right there these ladies realized they will be building their empire together.

Gabriela is the creative director behind the brand while Ana is the seamstress. Gabriela is still learning and perfecting her sewing skills. She does the hand-sewn work on garments and helps her mom finalize orders. She also makes sure customers are satisfied, the material is in stock, and all other pieces of the business are running smoothly. These are two passionate women about their work, so when an idea does not work out they might be very sensitive. They both have very strong characters and sometimes Gabriela crosses that mother-daughter line but Ana guides her right back to it. At the end of the day, being able to work together to mold new and old fashion into one brand, is irreplaceable.

Lunna Style is finally expanding to an online store, where ready to wear collections will be released from time to time. It was alarming to take the big step to mass production, but great things happen outside of comfort zones. Lunna Style is destined to make a worldwide impact and having an online store sets the stage for that. The 3M pants in the ready to wear collection are currently Gabriela’s favorite piece, so keep a lookout this weekend for release dates.

Not everyone is lucky enough to say they are happy with their job, but for Gabriela this brand is more than just work. This is her purpose, her therapist, a friend and the most precious thing to fall on when she’s experiencing dark times. Remember that things take time, before having this brand, Gabriela got fired from two jobs and quit a third. Even now, working her dream job, there are still sacrifices she has to make. This job has no schedule, so she’s always the last one to arrive at places or constantly missing sleep to finish a garment. For her, the hardest test has been challenging herself. “Believing in yourself sometimes gets lonely” Gabriela say’s “But I didn't get this far to simply just give up or settle for mediocrity”. Many things keep her going, like wanting to reach a place where her mother Ana can sit back and live out the outcome of their success.


To anyone starting their own business, a gem to learn from Gabriela is that if you don’t constantly push yourself no one will be on your ass because you are the boss. So make sure to keep yourself in check. Gabriela and Ana are eternally grateful to all the ladies who have put trust in their work and support their business. Without their faith in their work this success would not be possible. IG- Gabrielalunna_


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