Welcoming 23

I wanted to do something I was extremely proud of before I welcomed in my 23rd birthday.












I wanted it to be this really big thing. Something deserving of an award or something. I was prepared to show off a trophy to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. But the funny thing is, I ended up doing something many people called me crazy for. I gave myself permission to quit my job and go on a journey to 4 different destinations and get to know myself on a deeper level. 

Traveling the world is my sanity. It is the thing I enjoy doing the absolute most. I feel that with every trip, no matter how big or how small, I go on an adventure where I get to know amazing people, me being one of them (LOL). On every trip I get to know myself more. I get to discover things that the routine life back home was not allowing me to see. The most exciting thing is that I believe there is a message waiting for me at all these destinations, so I am always delighted to discover what it is. 

​But this summer worth of travel was beginning to scare me a lot. I kept doubting the decision  of leaving my job and its steady paychecks. I kept worrying about what would I do to make money when I came back to New York in September. The worry got so bad that I started considering canceling my trips and returning to my job because quitting was “very irresponsible of me”. 

​Somewhere between all the stress I realized that a break was exactly what I needed. I realized that this was the first year in my life I did not have a list of material things I wanted as gifts. Going on these trips was THE gift.

So I started to believe that there was no reason to worry about what’s going to happen in September because I have all summer to come up with a plan. For a reason unknown to me at the moment I was meant to quit my job and travel this summer.

First stop Peru – UNPLUG OR DIE

         Here I realized how urgent it was for me to UNPLUG from social media. I stood off Instagram completely while I was on this trip and it opened my eyes to how lost I was getting. I got so carried away with attempting to make social media a job that I was no longer enjoying the things I was doing. I got to see how many times I “missed the moment” because I was too busy “capturing the moment” for Instagram. 

I was focusing on being this person on the internet just to get likes in return. I was waiting on approval and the sad thing was that it was a result of chasing money. I realized that although I was doing things that I enjoyed like dressing up and taking pictures or trying new things to recommend or simply spreading a positive message, the fact that I was doing it to get some sort of “income” out of my page made it very draining. 

Come back September 2nd and check out the article on what you need to know when going to PERU.

2nd stop Paris -​​​​Your words have POWER

       Paris was full of messages for me. The first one was realizing how last year I had declared I would be in Europe this summer and now it was happening. The reason this was such a big deal to me was because I started to recognize the power my words have. And being in Paris was just an example of that. I met MANY MANY great people in Paris. But one man in specific I call him a gift from god. That is because I have no doubt that it was no coincidence that we would spend this week together. This man helped me analyze my life in a way I was blinded to. Out of this relationship came the Journey I will going on in November as I move to Mexico for a month (Maybe more, LOL I’ll tell you more about this in another post) 

3rd stop Barcelona – Time to Decide 

In Barcelona I spent time with my brother after fifteen years of not seeing each other. I met a nephew who reminded me how easy it is for me to get along with kids. The rest of my trip in Barcelona was about making the decisions for my life moving forward based on the things I had experienced in Paris. This included withdrawing from classes, informing my mom and boyfriend of my decisions, and all that kind of stuff. 

Last stop San Jose, California – ​​​​The fear of Coming Home 

This is the one that feels most homey out of all the trips. Things started to get tricky here because the fear of returning back home and not having a job started creeping in. I would find myself even crying because I was so worried of going back home. Let me tell you all that I have never had to look for a job “hard enough”. They kind of always landed at my feet, so not having one lined up was very uncomfortable. 

​After a couple days of crying and doubting what my life moving forward was going to be like, my friend wrote to me and told me I was being a masochist because I knew I had nothing to worry about. That worry came from the “NEED” and I do not need a job. I have a business, why was I getting so focused on working for someone else’s business. 

​So as I turn 23 and blow out my birthday candles I share with you that this is the biggest thing I am working on. Focusing on GROWING my brand. I am very proud and grateful for all the support I have received on the business I launched in February with my first candle collection. Seeing the brand now with this brand new perspective I am able to see all the growth I will be manifesting. 

Thank you for your love, your support, we are all Blooming Souls!

"It is about acknowledging my progress, applauding or giving myself a lift without the judgment.

  Sometimes ill deserve an applause. Other times ill need to pick myself up and learn from the mistakes. Regardless of it I will always be present enjoying the journey."