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Whether we are aware or not, the words natural and organic automatically grab our attention. It has become almost a trend to be concerned and educated about the ingredients our everyday products contain. I’m not going to get into how the deodorants you buy at ride aid can cause breast cancer or how a lot of the lotions you buy most likely have alcohol in them. Instead, I’m going to put you in contact with affordable, beneficial products for your everyday use. These products are for both men and women and range from skin care to hair care. Whitney Harvey is 23 years old of Dominican and Puerto Rican background. She started working on Whitney’s Naturals in 2012 strictly for her own use, but she quickly realized this hobby of hers could turn into a business.

The journey to using natural ingredients started at a very young age in her life. Like in many Hispanic household’s homemade hair masks are like a tradition. Whitney's mom instilled in her the importance of living a healthy life and has taught her better eating habits such as juicing, and has been a huge influence on the products Whitney makes. The devastation of finding out that the deodorant she had been swearing by contained aluminum is what lead her to start making her own products.

In the beginning, Whitney would gift her family and friends the product’s she was making, in hopes of bringing awareness to those around her. Now that this has become a business those family and friends serve as testers to prevent harming animals in the process of ensuring the products are ready to sell. When adding new products Harvey makes the decision based on things she needs for herself as a drive to create them. She only uses organic ingredients and does extensive research on preservatives to use the best cruelty-free options available to her.

For those of you who are considering or have already started a journey into a healthier life, Harvey say’s to be patient. When she first tried her natural deodorant, her body took about two weeks to adjust. Don’t get discouraged right away, remember your body was relying on toxic chemicals and when you remove them from your use the body needs to detox. She gives the same advice to anyone considering starting their own business. “There will be day’s where you wonder what’s the point, maybe you didn’t sell as much as you expected. But it’s all ok, believing in what you’re doing and maintain focused if you put in the work success will come.” Whitney’s Naturals are available through the Etsy website, although Whitney has considered making her own website as of right now Etsy is more convenient and allows her more time to focus on growing her business.

One of Harvey’s goals is to do something like a college tour introducing her products. It’s more than just making money to her, she wants to spread awareness and inspire others to take better care of themselves. When you think of Whitney’s Naturals think “Freshly made natural skin and hair care products made in small batches to ensure quality cosmetics.”

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