DISCLAIMER: Only taking 2 clients for February. This purchase is non refundable once purchased. 



- You benefit from speaking to someone outside of your loved ones about your life situations 

- Your looking to deepen your self relationship but unsure of where to start 

- Looking for accountability (Or always say your going to work on a better you but something always gets in the way) 


Aside from participating during the live workshop taking place on 2/14/21 you will meet prior with Mairi and develop your personalized Self Love Monthly challenge.


This package will grant you

- Personalized Self Love challange for the month of February 

- Weekely calls with Mairi - to check in and make any necesarry adjustments. 

- Accesability to Mairi via text during business hours 

- A reflection workbook


you will schedule a 1 on 1 call with Mairi Bloom to go over your vision board and finalize the plan in motion.

You will also receive weekly check-in emails during the time of your coaching calls. These will remind you & encourage you to stay grounded in your intention. 


Together you will come up with an execution plan to turn your goals into reality.

You will have a 30minute phone call 15 days later to check in on the process of your task.


15 DAYS after that you will have a celebration call to see all you have accomplished. During this call, you will finalize a plan for you to implement moving forward.


You will have access to ask any business questions Mairi might be able to help you with. 



January 24th, 2021 

12pm - 2pm 

The replay will be available for everyone who purchased a ticket. 

You will receive a reminder with all details 2 days before the event. 

This purchase is non-refundable



No matter what your goals are this year we invite you to be intentional about them. To understand that YOU are the root of it all. So we commit to providing an environment to help you nurture YOU when planing out these goals for 2021. The more you take care of yourself the better energy you have to put into the goals. Focus on YOU and life around you will BLOOM. 


We will have a virtual 2-hour workshop where we guide you through different reflective and organization exercises to plan out and organize your goals for 2021 with a clear vision. 


You get what you give in this journey. The more your willing to work, the more im here to guide and acompany you. Your life will not become perfect in one month but if you follow your challenge i can gurantee you will not be the same person at the end of it. 


You will recieve an email from Mairi within 24hours of your purchase with the following steps. 


Please be ready to participate. We specialize in making the environment welcoming and uplifting so that you get the best out of it possible. 


If you have any questions before purchasing please let us know by email 


Personal Self Love Guided Month

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