Intimate & Interactive only 26 guest

2 ticket types please read the description 


December 12th, 2021 


Bronx, New York, 10459

Specific event address & details will be sent the day before 


In order to make space for the things you want in life, you must make space for them. This takes awarness, it takes a plan and it takes commitment. We are offering you the opportunirty to build your road map to your vision to 2022 through all of those stages. 

This is a workshop, you will be requiered to participate OUT LOUD! 

This workshop is going to put you to work and to step out of your comfort zone in all levels. Thats what your here for thought right? For an opportunity to GROW INTO YOUR BEST VERSION?!


No matter what your goals are this year we invite you to be intentional about them. To understand that YOU are the root of it all. So we commit to providing an environment to help you nurture YOU when planing out your goals for 2021. The more you take care of yourself the better energy you have to put into the goals. Focus on YOU and life around you will BLOOM. 


What to expect during the event

- Letting go activity & Meditation

- Reflection & awarness exercieses 

- Creating a Vison Frame ( Instead of a board this frame will allow you to hang it up or place it on your desk etc) 

- Creating a bracelet with your "word of the year"

- Pick an affirmation candle to represent lighting the path to your vision

- Finger foods & Cocktails  

- Create routines that support your goals (Morning/Night/Weekly/Monthly) 

-Declare your vision for 2022 

-Get feedback & advice on your goals 

- Access to a "CHECK IN VIRTUAL EVENT"  ; event will take place May 2022. & Recording will be available for everyone. 

- Plug yourself in about your business/networking opportunity

- If you have a business please email us after purchasing your ticket we have an complementary opportunity for you! To market your business. 



- Workshop: Only access to the workshop & the 6 month check in virtual session

Workshop & Coaching:

-Access to in person event

- Access 6 month check in virtual event

-Workbook to keep track of your goals 

- Monthly email acess to coaching with Mairi : Every month you can email Coach Mairi to revise & plan/adjust for your goals. 


Please be ready to participate in the workshop. We specialize in making the environment welcoming and uplifting so that you get the best out of it possible. 


If you have any questions before purchasing please let us know by email

Tickets are non- refundable - but are transfarable up to 1hr before the event. 

Vision in Frame


    You can transfer the ticket to a different guest by emailing us your name,order # & the new guest full name and email address. 


    Please arrive on time to the event. There is street parking available, please come with enough time to look for that if needed. Adress to the event will be sent out Sunday Morning before the event. You do not need to be vaccinated to attend. Wear mask if that helps make you comfortable and safe.