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Our Story 


Blooming Soul was born in 2018. The mission since then has been to provide everyone with inspiration to go after their full potential. We started off by making candles with inspirational messages and in 2019 expanded into curating events where we connected like minded individuals. As the time has passed we realized we are not a candle company. We are a lifestyle company focused on your personal growth, supporting you to connect with yourself and everything around you on a deeper level. And because inspiration could be found everywhere, we create and sell luxurious items like our candles that elevate your space & your mind. Our events are carefully curated to have you reflect & connect. Think of them as your self care time. From vision board events, to social brunch events, to coaching workshops, we are committed to helping you Bloom. Blooming Soul is a lifestyle and we look forward to seeing the seeds you plant.

This Is For You 

  • This community is created for YOU. We see the importance of providing you with an environment that supports that you nurture YOU. We are committed to connecting you with like-minded individuals because we all deserve to see our life, Bloom. 

We love & support self-care in the form of taking care of your physical body, glamping up your space & even going on vacations. But we are focused on also supporting you to love yourself, on the level where you are being honest & committing to working on your best version. So, this community is for you if you're looking for a space to be real & raw and go after your full potential. The aesthetics & the photos are cool on the internet but we care about supporting you to take care of your garden in real life. 

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