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Embracing the Winter Within: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of the Season

I'm all for the New Year New Me energy!!

 But i also want to remind us that mother nature is literally in the heart of the winter and that she is a reminder & an example to us that it is ok to be honoring the time of isolation and looking within. So if you have not done your vision board don't worry Rebirthing season isn't even until March, WE HAVE TIME! 

Below we share perspective shifts, journal prompts, task to put energy towards and others to protect your energy from as well as some outside sources to add to your wellness box. Let us know how you choose to Bloom.

The Gift Of Perspective

The invitation here is to embark on a journey of introspection and spiritual exploration. In various earth-based practices, winter is revered as a time for deep reflection, mirroring the quietude found in nature's rhythm.

The transient nature of seasons reminds us that change is constant. Embracing mindfulness and meditation can help navigate the winter of our lives, fostering resilience and acceptance in the face of life's inevitable fluctuations. Let us recognize the profound teachings embedded in its stillness

Winter Blooms Guide

This guide is created to share some insight on perspectives, task and journal prompts to focus on in order to honor and make the best out of this internal winter season of your Blooming.

To journal about

  • How does your mind & body respond when you are required to slow down and be in silence? What do you feel? Be descriptive. Can you enjoy it and find the gift, magic or purpose in stillness or is it difficult and uncomfortable for you and you can give yourself permission and explore what is at the root of that?

  • Nature shows us by example that they are worthy of life regardless of the change in their appearance. How comfortable are you in your appearance in this season? Do you feel healthy? Are your choices aligned in supporting you feel good, look good and function well? How comfortable are you accepting change or are you chasing an old version of you that you have outgrown?

  • If for a change I prioritize how I want to FEEL vs what I want to OBTAIN do my "goals" change? What does that change look like? Or do I feel that my goals and my desired feeling/perspective is in alignment?

To put energy towards

  • Eating with the season. Search up what produce is currently in season where you live and gift yourself some time to explore a new recipe. Think of the lower chakras and nurture your body with grounding warm foods.

  • Letting go of things that are taking up energy in your space. Start your spring cleaning early so that you can do it little by little.

  • Getting SUN LIGHT. I know it's cold and the sun is out for very little time but getting some sunlight especially at the top of your morning is extremely beneficial for your circadian rhythm AND your Vitamin D levels. Chances are you will also need to supplement with Vitamin D so speak to your doctor about checking your bloodwork!

To protect your energy from

  • Pushing yourself to burnout. You know how fitness trainers stress the importance of your body needing rest as much as it needs movement. Well the same goes for your mind and soul. I promise that if you do you 100% every day nothing that is for you will miss you. But within that honor and accept that your 100% looks different on each day. So be honest with yourself and don't try and convince yourself of your excuses.

  • Make boundaries on how you divide your time and don't become a "YES MAN" because you want to prove your love or your worthiness to others.

  • Avoid stagnation. During the winter time it'e easy to want simply be cuddled up in bed or on the couch as much as possible but be sure you are incorporating daily movement into your body. A simple 10minute walk or 5 minute stretch when you wake up or before bed and taking standing breaks from your work desk are "low maintenance ways" to move your body.

To support your journey

  • A yoga practice is a perfect way of honoring movement and dropping into your body. About a decade ago I walked into my first Yoga class and what I thought was simply a fun instagram photo moment turned into my way out of my first heartbreak and depression episode.

Showing up for a yoga class allowed me to turn off the volume on the outside world and turn up the volume and zoom in the gaze into my body and my internal voice. A yoga practice is not about how well you can do a headstand or how fast you can get through a sequence, it's about showing up for yourself and being able to listen to what your body & internal voice is telling you.

If you're looking to start a practice from the comfort of your home I recommend Yoga By Adriene on Youtube. She has an extensive library of videos from 10minutes to 45 minute practices, and a wide range of focus from yoga from traveling pain, waking up, sleep and even 30 day challenges for a specific theme. 2024 New Year 30 day challenge is called Flow and I invite you to join me! Im starting it today 1/23/24 leave a comment below and let me know if you're checking it out! Click here for Yoga Series

  • If your part of the Blooming doses email family than you know Blooming Soul & myself are undergoing an immense rebirth shift. This kind of transformation tends to cook up a soup of emotions one of them being feeling "lost". And if for w.e reason you can relate or simply feel like you can use some clarity and re-alignment in your life or perhaps you feel frustrated with not yet having a "vision for 2024" please check out this video on Youtube.

This video really gave me the opportunity to connect with my inner voice and my internal views of success. I 100% recommend answering the questions while you're watching the video. Romanticize the moment, light up a candle and find that light within!

Blooming Updates

Despite the fact we are going under major rebranding, and I do not mean just changing our appearance but focusing on changing our foundation and solidifying our target client and properly communicating our values to you through our actions and social impact. 


I couldn't help myself in getting into the candle lab and creating a Valentine's day collection. Valentines day is a HUGE opportunity to sell candles,i won't lie. BUT this is more than just a candle. 


Blooming Soul launched to the public January 2018 

The first Self Love Challenge took place in 2019 

Our first event ever took place March 2019 

So Q1 is our anniversary and it does not feel right to let it go by without a celebration for the amazing garden we have built together throughout these years. 

In real self reflection & personal growth fashion check out the themes behind  our new candles coming soon 

  1. Redesigning Self

  2. Redefining Relationships

  3. Researching Purpose


And the most exciting thing about each candle is that it comes with a 30 day challenge tailored to the theme of the candle. The challenge includes a guided meditation, daily journal prompts and activity recommendations for you to Bloom from within when you light up! 

Leave a comment below and let me know which of these 3 themes resonates with YOU this season.

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Daneisy Silie
Daneisy Silie

Loved this blog! Especially the journal prompts. For me, the theme of Redesigning Self resonates the most in this season. I have started the year with restructuring my morning and evening routines and it has been a game changer. Thank you for sharing this information with us!


Hey Daneisy! Thank you so much for making us part of your morning read! I can resonate with that so much! I actually started waking up at 6am yesterday with a friend and redesigning our morning routines as a challenge and encouragement for each other. Sending you so much love in your process!!

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