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Time to ACT like you're grateful

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”

So cliche i know, but the fact is that where attention goes, energy flows and where energy is flowing there is a ripple effect that occurs.

It’s not about you being a positive Patty about everything, but more about not being a negative Nancy about everything. Are there bad days? yes, shit there is even bad weeks. But sometimes what it really is, is a bad moment and often times we give that moment too much energy and the moment grows. So it brings us back to putting your focus where it matters so that the ripple effect is beneficial to you.

I have found that tapping into gratitude is an energy that ripples into feeling safe and deserving. Tapping into gratitude helps me feel abundant. There is a term i teach my clients about LIVING IN GRATITUDE. Because often times we say with our words thank you but our actions reflect the opposite.

Would you consider your words and actions are in alignment?

Instead of just telling someone you’re grateful for them, have you ever taken any action to show them?

Instead of just saying you’re grateful you’re healthy, have you taken some time to move your body or feed it on a nutritional level?

Our lives are a composition of moments, and although some moments do not feel the best they are part of the process of the ones that do, And for that you can be grateful.

I had this analogy with one of my clients about how our lives is like a puzzle. Like the ones with so many pieces that look similar so you’re having some difficulties putting it together. As we go through life we keep adding pieces to the puzzle, but there is no guarantee we can guess what the end result is or that we can admire all the picture has to offer until all the pieces are all put together. Somehow though we find joy in the journey of getting to the end.

So my invitation to you, especially during this holiday season is to tap into what pieces of that puzzle are you grateful for. It does not need to be something you are “happy that it happened” but you’re grateful that it did. For me one piece was a breakup, although it hurt and felt like a disruption to my life, i rather grow through the hurt than to remain nurturing something that had already expired. Im grateful that i cleared up space in my energetic field to tend to other relationships, hobbies, lessons etc. Im grateful i learned the lesson and can move forward instead of being in a cycle of repetition. And how do i act in gratitude of that? I nurture my active relationships, i practice different ways of checking in and communication. I tell the truth and speak my mind and not harbor my feelings of point of view.

Find gratitude in the pieces of your puzzle, and act in gratitude of that gift you’re grateful for.

You are blessed beyond measures. Sometimes that blessing is being saved & protected from something even though it may come in a feeling of loss. Sometimes the blessing is challenging and pushes you far out of your comfort zone. But i believe within me that you were created to explore a life of lessons and opportunities. And the things going on in your reality will gift you a lesson or an opportunity, sometimes even both.

Tell me in the comments, what are you grateful for? And please leave a like if resonated with the message.

Growth gift : What are you grateful for? How can you ACT like it?

Who are you grateful for? How can you show them appreciation this holiday season in a non materialist way? Think of smaller gestures that can be consistent vs bigger gestures that are inconsistent.

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