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Humanizing YOU

It does not matter how much “self work” you do, you are not expected to be perfect.

You are having a human experience and it comes with lessons, lessons that provide us growth. And in order to grow we will make mistakes, we will take the wrong turn, sometimes we may hurt. But at the end of the day it’s all part of the process.

Looking back now i can see that i started Blooming Soul as a way of humanizing myself. I started Blooming Soul because i needed the inspiration & motivation. I shared with the world what i really needed to hear myself. Starting Blooming Soul was about treating yourself with the same compassion you would a friend. And through loss i learned that i was not showing up to the most important friendship, the one with myself because i was so dependent on the friendships i had outside of myself. So how do i get back to being my friend and humanizing myself?

Friendships are a gift, they are like our chosen family, but i want you to ask yourself, are you, your own friend? This last year i learned a big lesson about showing up as my best friend in my life. The following 3 steps helped me start that.

  1. Process everything on your own first. That urge to run for support could be a disruption to your intuition. So even if you don’t process everything or you don’t move past anything just check in with yourself first. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and what you’re going towards in this situation. See intuition is that voice or feeling within you. That’s what you’re checking in with and having a conversation with. You want to be able to know whats going on with you before you carry on the influence of how someone else sees the situation.

  2. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. If you were cheering up your friend from messing up on something, would you tell them they had an off day to not be hard on themselves or would you tell them they can’t possibly be successful at something? That’s the thing we tend to be so hard on ourselves, yet so gentle with those we love. Well newsflash you should be someone you love, treat yourself like it.

  3. Tell yourself what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Be a FRIEND, not an enabler. Being honest with your friends is an act of love, being honest with yourself is a gift. So give yourself that gift, because enabling or victimizing yourself will not bring you closer to what your desired end result is.

So why HUMANIZE yourself? Because we give ourselves these high expectations and tear ourselves down when we are on the journey of accomplishing them. We forget that there is a process, that nature has phases and we are just another reflection of nature. We forget to shower ourselves with the same love we tend to give our relationships. And sometimes we end up expecting from others what we don’t even give ourselves. So in these 3 steps I’m asking you to connect with that reflection of nature.

Step 1. Ground yourself

Step 2. Nurture yourself

Step 3. Grow

Let me know in the comments if being your own friend is something you've already experienced or something you're willing to give a chance to.

Growth Gift :

Journal question: What have you been too hard on yourself for? How can you humanize yourself in this situation?

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