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Getting to Peru and the death feeling lingering.

On the first day of this year i flew to Dominican Republic as a celebration, a trip to welcome in the new year. Those days i spent in DR i experienced a lot of health complications and i remember telling Leo “i feel like I’m dying” and I’m not exactly sure why. Dramatic i know, but i really felt this way, i felt like a part of me was internally dying.

In March my friend Raygrid messaged me saying “ You should go to Peru and learn something” i “lol” her message and said let’s see. In April my friend Steve who has no idea Raygrid even exist messaged me telling me he bought land in the Amazon in Peru, and invited me to inaugurate it. I bought a flight within the hour, not exactly knowing what we were going to do while we were there.

On August 3rd i started the journey to Peru, a long journey i must say. Because here is the thing, I’m still on the journey. You don’t just go into the amazon and think you can just “pick back up where you left off”. A lot happened before i made it into the amazon, and so much changed when i came out. I changed, my whole life changed. It felt like a tornado took over my life and everything was twirling in the air. Even my car got caught up in there, i had an accident and now need a new one. It finally made sense why i felt like i was dying at the beginning of this year. I was experiencing losing so much of what my life used to be and beginning to create a new one. I know I'll share with you my story of the amazon and how i got there and what started happening when i came out. But we will leave that for a future encounter because Im still growing through it all.

The one question that has been pondering in my brain since coming home is “ Why Blooming Soul?”. Why do i care about sharing this message and what exactly is the message? Well the message is that in order for us to get an understanding and make deeper connection we must go inward. That our inward is a reflection of whats happening outside. That nature, sweet, sweet nature is a mirror of our lives. And the why? well because in 2018 i experienced the magic of personal development. In a 3day workshop i experienced self love consciously for the first time. And not in the way of a luxury gift, It was the firs time i looked in the mirror and saw TRUTH. The truth about everything that was within, and underneath the life i was living. It was the first time i started to be intentional and i want to share that with the world.

So thank you, thank you for allowing me to share my why with you. Thank you for being a part of Blooming Soul and diving into a conscious and intentional way of living. I have so many things to figure out with Blooming Soul, and in some ways it feels like I’m starting from 0. But i promise I’m starting from experience. Ive taken the last couple of months to dive into Blooming Soul from a new lens. A lens that allow me to be the business owner and operator without being the face of the brand. You see i got lost in being the brand ambassador and because the work was “working on myself” i didn’t notice how quickly i was moving from things without fully living through them and integrating because i was so eager to share what the lesson could be. You see i lost the sense of humanizing myself and I'll tell you about it next time, I'll also tell you more on what to expect from Blooming Soul. For now I'll tell you that we are opening up virtual sessions with Leo for those who have already experienced her. They will be on Saturday’s for now.

Thanks for reading, thanks for choosing to Bloom and find life’s lessons. I heard “everything happens for a reason and the gift of life is figuring out what that reason is.”

Sunday mornings you will receive Blooming doses in your email. And I'll leave you off with a gift to light up your life. The purpose of the gift is so that you take the time to look inward, reflect and grow from the integration. Don’t rush through it or be on automatic like i was doing.

Today that gift is a journal question

“ What blessing are you living in? There is something you prayed, hoped or wished for that has already occurred in your life” Think of the areas in your life








Leave a comment and tell me what that blessing is for you i would love to cheer you on.

  • For me one of those blessings is having my own home, my own space that i can unwind and be alone in.

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